Friday, May 29, 2009

Visit the 'little downtown bake shop' that everyone is talking about ... Edible Elegance


Mother and daughter entrepreneurs and master bakers (Jackie and Virginia) have quickly established Edible Elegance as 'the place to go' for custom cakes for all occasions. Not only can they bring your ideas to life, they can also customize your one-of-a-kind cake by utilizing a wide-variety of icings and fillings. Their amazing custom cakes are almost too lovely to cut into, however it doesn't take long to discover the moist and delicious flavors that lie just below the decorative surfaces.

The talented duo fine-tuned their baking skills at home, however the demand for their fabulous cakes, cupcakes and cookies became so strong that it prompted them to open Edible Elegance in downtown Lethbridge in 2007. Since then, the business has flourished, primarily by word-of-mouth from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Although their cupcakes, sugar cookies and custom designed cakes are not quite 'world famous' yet, the word about their seriously scrumptious treats has spread quickly throughout Lethbridge and southern Alberta.

It doesn't take long for your senses to erupt once you've entered their bright and colorful bake shop on 4th Avenue South. The window and interior displays showcase a wide variety of baked goods and accessories - all designed to make special occasions even more special. The aroma of fresh-baked goods wafts through the air and you are immediately drawn to the displays where it's difficult to leave the store without at least one sugar cookie or cupcake.

If you haven't already discovered Edible Elegance, we urge you to check it out and find out why their 'little bake shop' is quickly becoming a favorite downtown destination location.

Edible Elegance
is located at 513 - 4th Avenue South (just around the corner from the Penny Coffee House and down the street from the Red Dog Diner).

For more information, call 403 - 394-2553.


  1. What a great little spot! I need to stop in there! What beautiful work. Mmmmmm.

  2. Make sure to pick up one of their Root Beer Float cupcakes ... they are to die for!

  3. I find they have inconsistency in the amount of frosting they use to fill their cookie sandwiches. With more attention to a standard there I would be a more frequent customer.

  4. Hey Sugar Tooth, thanks for your comment about Edible Elegance. Have you let them know about the inconsistency in the frosting? I am sure that they would appreciate the feedback. They really care about their customers and I know that they would do their best to make sure that the frosting levels remain consistent. Have a great day and continue to patronize our locally owned and operated businesses.